Lady Rouran (楼蘭, Loulan) was the Pure Consort of the Garnet Palace, forced into the position by her father, Prime Minister Shishou, in order to gain influence over the inner court. She is a secondary character in Kusuriya no Hitorigoto.

Appearance Edit

Lady Rouran has bright yellow eyes and long black hair. As a consort, she often wore extravagant and exotic clothing and jewelry, sourcing from a variety of different locations and styles. She also colored her face with dark cosmetics, making it difficult for people to determine the details of her face. Her outfits were seen as excessive even for a high-ranking consort.

In her disguise as a palace maid, she wore the typical clothes of a maid.

Personality Edit

As consort, Lady Rouran seemed aloof and uncaring. Due to her overbearing mother, she seemed to have no personality, only following whatever orders her mother gave her. However, this puppet-like personality concealed her true nature; in reality, she is a free-willed person who strongly cares for her father, sister, and the Shi clan children.

She also has a cunning side to her and is described as a vixen; she schemed for her sister and the Shi clan children to survive when she knew that the Shi clan would be eradicated, and succeeded.

In her disguise as a palace maid, she was described as innocent and shrill-voiced. She had a love for insects, which she would often capture and play with, and could talk for hours about them.

Ability Edit

Wealth: As the Emperor's consort, she held a level of wealth which allows her to get what she wants.

Influence: As a consort, she held some power within the inner and outer court. However, most of her influence came from her father Shishou, a man highly favored by the previous Empress.

Background Edit

She was born to Prime Minister Shishou and his main wife Shenmei. Rouran's half-sister Shisui was abused by Shenmei, but Rouran was close to her sister, who would teach her about basic medicines; however, because of her mother's tyrannic hold over the family, she was forced to feign ignorance to the injustice in her sister and father's lives.

Eventually, she was sent to replace Ah Duo as the Pure Consort. Despite her position, she often kept to herself, not caring about the politics and power struggles of the Inner Palace. Instead, she would disguise herself as the palace maid Shisui in order to play around with insects and chat with Maomao and Shaolan. She left her own attendants to dress up as her--a feat made possible by her heavy, constantly-changing makeup, which rendered others unable to see her true face.

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