Lady Riishu (里樹, Lishu) is the Virtuous Consort of the Diamond Palace and a secondary character in Kusuriya no Hitorigoto. As the Emperor's youngest and least favored consort, she holds very little influence over the inner court.

Appearance Edit

Lady Riishu has dark purple eyes and long brown hair which she ties behind her head. Although Lady Riishu is predicted by many to eventually become gorgeously beautiful, she is a child at the moment and lack the sex appeal fit for the Emperor's taste. Being the least voluptuous among her rivals, she has yet to be visit by the Emperor at all. She is often seen wearing very extravagant clothes with many decor to bring out her child beauty.

Personality Edit

Lady Riishu has a very honest and straight forward personality. She is that of a spoil princess so she often act without prudent at times but deep down, she is of a very pure maiden that lack the common sense of the world. Because of this, she is often a target of bullying by the very maids that serves her. And since she is so innocently naive, she isn't even fully aware of it.

Ability Edit

Wealth: As the Emperor's consort, she hold a level of wealth which allows her to get what she wants.

Background Edit

As a child, Lady Riishu was send by her family to become the consort of the Previous Emperor. After the Previous Emperor passed away, she was sent back home. But due to her family situation, she was send back to the inner court to be a high consort of the Current Emperor. As a consort, she has done very little to fulfill her duty due to her being only a child. But since her family background is quite prominent, her status as a high consort will not be easily taken away.

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