Maomao is the main heroine of Kusuriya no Hitorigoto.

Background Edit

Maomao is a 17 year old pharmacist from the prostitution district who loves poison. Seriously, this girl loves poison so much that she does experiments on her arm and loves eating poison too! Eating poison! She even claims that if she died this is how she’d want to go. Anyway besides her love of poisons she was also born in the prostitution district and raised by whom I believe to be her uncle. Every so often she would go out to collect the materials to tattoo freckles on her face. One day, she was kidnapped and sold into the imperial harem. When she deduced the cause for the imperial baby's death, she attempted to warn the consorts discreetly, only to be discovered by Jinshi. Now at his beck and call, Maomao is often consulted on mysterious deaths in the palace and various medicines.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Maomao is a skinny girl with dark green hair, and purple eyes. She usually has bandages covering her left arm, hiding burns, snake bites, and other injuries that she inflicted on herself for her experiments. The freckles on her face are tattoos.

Abilities Edit

Due to her numerous experiments as a child, Maomao developed a strong resistance to poison. Whether it be snake bites, aphrodisiacs or hallucinogenic mushrooms, she's immune. It's specifically because of this that she was assigned as a food taster, although she seems to enjoy it a little too much.


She's also good at manipulation, as seen when she beats Rakan in a match through intoxicating him.

Maomao is well-informed on the cruelties of the world, whether it be rape or murder. That's why when Jinshi comes on to her, she surmises that she'll be raped and decides to submissive rather than fight back.

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