Chapter 5 of Kusuriya no Hitorigoto manga.

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Like usual, Mao Mao went about her duties of food tasting. To night is do different. The Emperor's has come to visit Lady Gyokuyou and Mao Mao is needed. After doing her job, Mao Mao quietly bowed her head and slowly moved away to excuse herself from the room. But before she could leave, the Emperor raised his voice to make a request from Mao Mao.

"I have a task from the herbalist from all the rumors. Lady Rifa's condition is bad. Won't you take a look at her for me?"

Such a request from the Emperor can only be interpret as heaven's command. Mao Mao can only accept. And should Mao Mao fails to cure Lady Rifa, her head won't sit long on her shoulders. Such is the nature of dealing with the Emperor. More to it than that, the fact that the Emperor has the nerve to talk about the well being of another High Consort in front of Lady Gyokuyou just goes to show that he is truly the Emperor. Everyone is his subject and for him to use as he pleased.

With the task clear, Mao Mao left the Jade Palace and entered into the Crystal Palace as a court apprentice. But needless to say, she was unwelcome by many there. Not only was she a servant of a rival consort, she is of low born. This causes the personnel of the Crystal Palace to treat her like trash. All her attempts to exam and vitalize Lady Rifa was shut down. Mao Mao sigh in dismay as she counts the number of days she has left before her head falls. That is when Jinshi appears before her and offered his help. Mao Mao reluctantly accept.

With Jinshi's influence, Mao Mao is able to pass the hindering maids and made her way towards Lady Rifa. After a few seconds of examining the sick consort, Mao Mao turned around to glare at the maids in rage. She asked the person who was in charged of the Lady's make up. A maid came forth with an arrogant tone to proudly announce that she is the one who has the honor of making Lady Rifa beautiful. Upon hearing the answer, Mao Mao raises her hand in anger and slaps the maid across the face. She then drags the maid by her hair to the cosmetic cabin and pours face powder onto the crying maid's head.

The reason why Lady Rifa has not recovered was because this maid servant has been using the poison face powder on her. The very face powder that killed Lady Rifa's son and lead her to this condition in the first place. When asked by Mao Mao why the maid continued to use the powder despite being told that it was poison, the maid replies that Lady Rifa liked it the most. Mao Mao scorned at the maid once more and asked her if she could bring herself to like a poison that killed her own child. Realizing her wrong doing, the maid surrender herself in silent.

With that, Mao Mao release the poor maid. She then commanded the other maids to clean up the mess while she gets ready to heal Lady Rifa. Upon closer inspection, Mao Mao realizes that Lady Rifa is in dire condition. The lady is too weak to consume food which only further weakens her even more. With no choice, Mao Mao begin to force easy to digest food down Lady Rifa's mouth. After a few weeks, the lady regained a small portion of her strength and weakly ask Mao Mao a question. She asked Mao Mao why Mao Mao didn't let her die. Mao Mao replied that if the lady wanted to die, all she had to do is stop eating. And the fact that she continue to eat is proof that she wanted to live. With that answer, Lady Rifa regained her motivation to live and decides to continue on living.

After carefully tending to Lady Rifa for a month, Lady Rifa slowly regained her strength and was able to walk about on her own again. With her job done. Mao Mao decided to return to the Jade Palace. But before she left, Lady Rifa asked Mao Mao if it is still possible for her to get pregnant. Mao Mao replied that she didn't know and that the lady would have to try in order to find out. When Lady Rifa replied that she might not get visited by the Emperor anymore since she had lost the Emperor's favor, Mao Mao reply that Lady Rifa has her own weapons and should use that to regain the Emperor's favor.

Before Mao Mao leave, she left Lady Rifa with a parting gift. More specifically, a sexual technique that she learned from the harlots at the red light district. A technique that utilizes big breast to satisfy their partner. After giving Lady Rifa her advice, Mao Mao return to the Jade Palace. And for an entire month after, the only consort the Emperor visit was Lady Rifa. When Lady Gyokuyou comment on how she could get some rest now that the Emperor is visiting less, Mao Mao can't help but felt guilty about the Emperor's lack of visits in the Jade Palace.

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