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It's Mao Mao's first day working under Lady Gyokuyou in the Jade Palace. She was wondering what her work would be but she quickly found out that she was set to be a food tester for Lady Gyokuyou. It is a job that nobody wants because it runs the risk of eating poison and possibly suffering a painful death. To Mao Mao, however, it was a rather exciting and fun job. Since she is a herbalist and is crazy about poison, it was the perfect job for her.

Nonetheless, Mao Mao had to be tested in order her employer to know the full extent of her capabilities.Having passed her first test which is food tasting, Jinshi decided to test Mao Mao once more by presenting her with a gift he received from a military official. It was dumplings that were mix with aphrodisiac. On first inspection, Mao Mao knew right away what the dumplings contained. She quickly advice Jinshi to be careful for whomever gave him those dumplings for they might visit him later that night.

She then gave Jinshi a scowling look, mocking him for offering her food knowing full well that it contains aphrodisiac.Pleased with her reaction and her talent, Jinshi decided to test her one last time by asking her if she could make aphrodisiac. Mao Mao wanted to reply with a no. But realizing that saying yes may allow her to play with herbs, she abruptly replied that she could.

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