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Having been kidnap and send to the inner palace as a lowly servant, Mao Mao was quickly faced with rumors of the Harem's Curse. A curse that killed not just one but three children of the Current Emperor. After doing some research, Mao Mao discovered that the cause of the sickness going around in the Inner Palace is due to the face powder that the consorts used. The children didn't die from a curse but from lead poisoning of the face powder.

Deciding that she should at least let the High Consorts know, Mao Mao teared out the cloth on her back and wrote a letter telling both High Consort Rifa and Lady Gyokuyou of the face powder poisoning. Unfortunately, Consort Rifa did not heed her words and the young prince passed away. Lady Gyokuyou, on the other hand, manage to stop the poison in time and saved her daughter, Princess Rinrii.

Wanting to thank her daughter's savior, Lady Gyokuyou implored Jinshi to discover the person who sent the letter. After little search, Jinshi manage to bring Mao Mao to Lady Gyokuyou who gracefully thanked Mao Mao and invited Mao Mao to serve her as a personal attendant in the Jade Palace.

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