Gaoshun (高順, Gao Shun) is a secondary character in Kusuriya no Hitorigoto. Initially introduced as Jinshi's assistant, but later transferred back to be the Emperor's assistant, Gaoshun is in charge of various tasks in the inner and outer palace to lesson the work load of his master.

 Appearance Edit

Gaoshun has short black hair and black eyes. Gaoshun is referred to by many as a "hen pecked" husband, meaning that he is easily bossed around by his wife. Although he looks quite young for his age, the wrinkle between his eyes and forehead depicts the stress he endures everyday from Jinshi and his wife.

Personality Edit

On the outside, Gaoshun appears calm, aloof, and capable; as a high-ranking official, he is intelligent, diligent, and quick on the uptake. He would sometimes show his angry side towards his son when he failed to do his job properly. On the inside, he has a fear of women due to his overly bossy wife. Despite being a high official, he'll humble down to do peasant work if the command comes from a woman.

Ability Edit

Politics: As a court official, he's good at dealing with policies to help ease the workload of his master.

Combat: As Jinshi's assistant, he's not only good with paper work but also very capable in combat as well. He serves as both and assistant and a bodyguard to Jinshi.

Background Edit

When Gaoshun was 16, he married his older childhood sweetheart, Taomei. Taomei gave birth to Basen around the same time as Jinshi was born, and therefore became Jinshi's wet nurse. As a result, Gaoshun placed a large role in raising Jinshi, making Jinshi akin to a son of his.

In terms of career, Gaoshun originally served as the Emperor's assistant; however, following Jinshi's becoming a eunuch, was asked to be Jinshi's assistant. After Jinshi took the role of Imperial Brother, Gaoshun was transferred back to the Emperor's side.

Trivia Edit

  • Gaoshun is likely named after the Warring States period military commander Gao Shun.
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