The Emperor is a supporting character in Kusuriya no Hitorigoto.

Not much is known about the current emperor other than him having a beautiful beard and his taste for voluptuous women. Within the web novel, it is hinted that his tastes in women stem in part by a desire to go against his father who was a pedophile.

Like any normal emperor (which is to say that he has a very big ego, big pride and apparently, a big 'little brother'), he loves taking in women that are at the peak of their beauty. He loves voluptuous women, and maybe occasionally prefers younger women. That particular tidbit applies greatly to the late Emperor. Not much is revealed about this particular character but only that to his consorts, he is the big thigh they cling to if they want to get ahead in the palace life. Anyways, a glorified playboy that is in the highest power.

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