The Current Emperor is a secondary character in Kusuriya no Hitorigoto. As the ruler of Rii, his word is law.

Appearance Edit

The Emperor has short black hair, pink eyes, and a long magnificent beard to compliment his kingly look. He is often expressionless, but shows a faint smile at times.

Personality Edit

He is aloof and rarely shows his emotions to anyone. As the Emperor, he sees his consorts as little more than political entities, causing some to see him as cruel. While he could be inconsiderate at times--for example, proclaiming his care for the well being of a consort while in the presence of another consort--he seemed to be a good father, often visiting the Jade Palace to play with Rinrii and talk with Gyokuyou. Maomao describes his taste for women as "[liking] his fruit ripe and voluptuous", a preference which stems in part from his desire to go against his father, who infamously only slept with children.

Abilities Edit

Wealth: Being the Emperor, he has access to virtually unlimited wealth.

Influence: Being the Emperor, everyone in the country is at his disposal and he can do whatever he please with them.

Intellect: Unlike the Previous Emperor, he is not a fool. Instead, he has a very keen understanding of ruling a nation peacefully and prosperously while managing all the political dilemma that his opponents throw at him.

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