Lady Ah Duo (阿多, Aduo) was the Pure Consort of the Garnet Palace. As the childhood friend and consort of the Emperor, she held great influence over the court, but was ultimately forced out of her position due to her inability to produce an heir. She now resides in the Southern Imperial Villa, where she protects four of the Shi Clan children. She is a secondary character in Kusuriya no Hitorigoto.

Appearance Edit

Ah Duo has black clear eyes and long black hair that she ties back. Though a woman--and the former Pure Consort at that--her appearance is akin to that of a handsome young official. She is often seen wearing simple clothes without any decoration, which serves to draw out her androgynous beauty. Due to her appearance, she draws admiration not just from men but from women as well.

Personality Edit

Ah Duo has a very tomboyish personality, to the point where she sees the Emperor as her friend and not a lover. She is confident and caring at the same time, and speaks with assurance and affection.

Abilities Edit

Wealth: As the Emperor's childhood friend and consort, she hold a level of wealth which allows her to get what she wants.

Influence: As the Emperor's childhood friend and consort, she holds some power within the inner and outer court.

Charisma: Alongside her beauty and her personality, she is able to captivate most people's heart which often ends with them being very loyal to her. Her maids were extremely loyal to her--particularly Fonmin, her head maid--and were willing to die for her, a testament to her character.

Ah Duo full color (2)

Ah Duo's full color in the manga, featuring a sick ponytail.

Intelligence: She is noted to be an intelligent person, but in contrast, her emotional intelligence is somewhat lacking.

Background Edit

As milk siblings, Ah Duo and the Emperor were very close growing up. The Emperor fell in love with Ah Duo and promised that she would be his only wife, and she responded half-jokingly that he should make her the Empress Dowager while he was at it.

She is by far the oldest among the consorts of the Emperor and was said to have given birth to a son who died during infancy back when the Emperor was still a crown prince. During childbirth, both her and the baby should have died, but her womb was removed for both individuals' survival. As a result, she lost her fertility and therefore her influence. This paved the way for her to be forced out of her Pure Consort position by Prime Minister Shishou, who replaced her with his daughter Rouran.

She is Jinshi's mother, but because she knew that the Previous Emperor's child, who was born at the same time, would be prioritized first in terms of safety, she decided to switch her child with the Previous Emperor's child. Her actions later proved to save Jinshi's life, as Fonmin, Ah Duo's head maid, accidentally killed the switched Imperial Brother by feeding him poisonous honey.

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